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Here at Direct-Calls, we enable advertisers to create campaigns that connect consumers to their business by phone. It enable publishers to promote offers using unique, trackable, toll-free numbers so they can be paid for every call generated through their traffic sources.


With Direct-Calls pay-per-call service, advertisers can easily create and manage campaigns that drive traffic directly to your call and/or sales center. You can leverage our solution to increase your sales through a network of publishers using our pay-per-call solution. You can offer more consultative products and services which typically require a phone component. Furthermore, you encourage publishers to expand into offline and mobile campaigns. Read More >>


As an publisher, you can use any media of your choice to generate leads, online, offline and mobile. Leverage our solution to expand your best selling campaigns to offline and mobile. You get credit for qualified phone calls made to your own unique toll-free number, which means that you can track your sales of highly consultative products and services. You can track real-time the results of every ad, and know reliably that you get paid for every call made on your unique toll-free number. Read More >>